Visit Your Local Art Gallery

The purpose of this post is to introduce you to some reasons to visit an art gallery.  Many of us either do not know if we are artistic, or assume that we do not have the creative gene.  The cool part is that most of us are artistic but we do not seek ways to bring it out of us.  Anyone can enjoy an art gallery and the following sections will inform you on why you should go soon.

Reason #1: Emotional Art
Most art galleries have at least one piece that really catches your eye and connects with you.  It is worth going to your local art gallery to experience a piece of art that affects your emotions.  It may be an expansive painting of a cabin in the woods- similar to one you spent time at as a child; it may be a sculpture of a parent cradling their baby- similar to the moments of your young adulthood; and it may simply be a beautiful piece with such amazing detail that it shows you the beauty of our surroundings.  No matter who you are, there is likely a piece of art at your local gallery that will emotionally affect you.

Reason #2: Inspiring Art
Going to an art gallery and focusing on the isolated pieces of art forces you to appreciate the beauty in the work.  While there are many artistic pieces that surround us daily, it is easy to overlook them with all of the commotion going on around us.  A painting on a wall in a hallway might get diminished by the rush of people walking by or a nicely sculpted buliding might go unnoticed by the traffic racing along in front of it.  When you go to an art gallery, the pieces are independantly placed to allow you to get immersed in the art in front of you.  Once you recognize the beauty in the art work on the walls in isolation, you start to pick up artistic works in your daily life.  So get out an go to an art gallery so you can learn to appreciate art and start recognizing art throughout your day to make it a better one.

Reason #3: Its Cheap
An art gallery at a major city is typically around $15 to visit.  While this may seem a little steep, it is well worth the money.  A movie is almost as expensive and a sit down lunch often costs about $15.  These are things that people go out and do a ton, which is great, but I think budgeting for a rare art gallery visit would make their week more fulfilling.  The range of pieces at an art gallery are quite diverse and you get exposed to paintings of all kinds, photography, sculptures, and other artifacts.  You can walk through and admire as quickly or slowly as you would like so a visit should fit with almost anyone’s schedule.  With all of the different forms of art, you might even leave inspired to learn how to paint or sculpt.  If you were to pick up a wonderful hobby because of your visit to an art gallery, it would certainly be worth that $15.

Some ideas for those interested in visitng an art gallery:

  • Go with a friend- it is often pretty fun to discuss favorite paintings afterwards or compare personal tastes in art as you go through the gallery.
  • Visit different galleries- exhibits change about every month so can see an entirely different.
  • Visit art galleries on your next trip or vacation.

Get out and see what your local art gallery has to offer and feel free to comment on what your favorite piece was.

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