Go Kayaking

This post will introduce you to kayaking and show you how easily you can get started in the water.  Hopefully, by the end of this post, you will be able to recognize kayaking as another way to get outdoors, get some exercise, and see some beautiful parts of the world.  A couple reasons to kayak are:

Reason #1: Scenery
Kayaking connects you with nature unlike anything else.  Being on the water in a natural setting allows you to experience wildlife and nature up close and intimately.  It is almost guaranteed to encounter exotic birds, eagles, hawks, fish, or wildlife in nearby forests while you glide along the water.  Do not be surprised as you paddle your way around a scenic peninsula or investigate an interesting cove if an eagle swoops down and snatches at a fish in the water right beside you.  You would be amazed seeing these dynamic creatures in action and there is no better way to get up close than being on the water in a comfortable and dry kayak.  If you take the time and effort to get into the water in your kayak, you will be pleasantly surprised at the tranquil experience of being immersed in nature.

Reason #2: Its fun
The many aspects of kayaking present you with tasks that will appropriately challenge you as you learn to navigate the water.  Beginning lessons will quickly teach you how to: paddle, balance, edge, and roll to recover from capsizing.  Once you get the hang of kayaking you will be able to fully control your kayak and own your area in the water whenever you go.  There is a lot of freedom in kayaking and being able to paddle around anywhere on a lake can be quite a blast.  If kayaking interests you, the rush from gliding through the water will not disappoint.

While kayaking is a unique activity and certainly a cool one to say you have tried or do regularly, it does not come without its disadvantages.  Obviously you need to live in an area that has lakes, coves, or large bodies of water, and it costs a bit of money to get started.  Before you go out and buy a kayak, a roof-rack to transport it, and reorganize your garage to store it, go to your nearest kayak center at your closest lake and sign up for some beginner lessons.

Beginner lessons will supply you with all of the equipment you need as rentals and include an instructor to teach you effective technique to get you well on your way to having fun on your own.  Beginner lessons vary in length from daily sessons that will have you proficient within a week, or once a week sessions that get you certified by the end of the month.  It is encouraged to search a bit online to find the best package for you and your particular needs.  A typical kayak lesson package in my area costs about $250 for 5 lessons.  Lessons are up to 3 hours in length are done in a fun atmosphere.

Kayaking is a really cool activity to get involved in but it has some upfront costs.  Hopefully this posts lights a fire you and gets you interested in kayaking- whether just trying it for a month, doing it in the summer, or getting lessons on your next vacation.  Whatever the situation, kayaking can be a blast so keep it in mind for something fun to do.  See you out on the water!

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