Why You Should Hike This Week

The purpose of this post is to convince you to go out and hike somewhere by the end of this week.  You might just fall in love with the many great aspects of hiking and go on to knock off fabulous hikes for the rest of your life.  Here are some reasons why you should hike this week:

Reason #1: The View
Hiking rewards you with some of the most amazing views there are to offer.  While calendars and computer-screen wallpapers have brought stunning views to everyday life, nothing compares to experiencing the view live in person.  There are usually half-way lookouts and other points along a hike that allow you to not only rest, but get a sample of what view is awaiting even higher up the mountain.  The thrill of seeing light through the tree tops as you approach an opening in the forest never gets old and that moment looking out over the mountain is good enough incentive for you to throw on your hiking shoes and get out the door to hike soon.  A wonderful view awaits at the top of the hike for you to thoroughly enjoy for as many minutes or hours as you like.

Reason #2: A Good Workout
Hiking allows you to go at your own pace and get as good of a workout as your body can handle.  You are not restricted to having an instructor or trainer lead your workout so the power is yours on your next hike.  The internet provides the hiker an extensive handbook of hikes with details on difficulty and length.  Find one that is appropriate for you and either shock those Jerome Bettis legs of yours up a steep thriller or take it easy on your first hike on a more gradual, smooth trail.  Whatever your physical ability, there is a hike for you!

Reason #3: The Triumph of Climbing Something High
I have not consulted any academic journals for this one but I think there is something uniquely gratifying of climbing something high.  Whether it is a metaphor for overcoming challenges in life or a representation for what results after steady progress, there is something that is deeply satisfying about reaching higher ground.  Everyone likes a challenge and finding a hike that is appropriate for you will allow you to challenge yourself to reach a point above ground level that you will be proud to say you summited.  So get pumped up about the opportunity to find higher ground and be ready to feel triumphant standing on top of the hill or mountain you just conquered.

To get you on your way to your first hike this week, follow these steps:
1. Search online for hikes in your region.
2. Select a hike that is reasonably close, appropriate length and difficulty.
3. Inform and gather family and/or friends to join you on your quest for higher ground.
4. Select your next day off or convenient afternoon by the end of this week to do your hike, write it down, and commit to doing it.
5. Take your camera and enjoy the world of hiking.

Hopefully you will venture out to hike this week and make your week more memorable.  It could open up the hiking floodgates and reveal an inner passion that you never knew was there.  If the view, free terrain to exercise on, or triumphant feeling at the top leaves you reeling for more, it is encouraged that you seek out other hikes to fuel your fire for more hiking.  Write down other desirable hikes or even just plan more times you want get back on the trail so you get in a routine of hiking.  But most importantly, hike on!

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3 thoughts on “Why You Should Hike This Week

  1. I was gonna hike today but it’s 46C in Toronto and there’s a weather warning not to go outside unless you need to so…

  2. Kyle Kuns says:

    Nice post. Backpacking with my daughter tomorrow and Friday.

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