Why You Should Attend an MLB Baseball Game

For anyone who has not attended a Major League Baseball game, this post will introduce you to the wonderful world of MLB baseball and the great experiences that happen at ball parks across the United States.  For those who have been to games, hopefully this post will bring back some great memories and serve as a nice reminder to get you back behind home plate.  Major league baseball stadiums are unique to other major sporting venues because of their variety of shapes and sizes.  While every NFL field is 120 yards long and every NBA court has the same dimensions, no MLB park is the same size.  Right field of Yankee Stadium is 353ft away from home plate, whereas Fenway Park’s right field fence is just 302ft away.  Downtown skylines, historic arches, waterfalls, bays, and other beautiful features can be found amongst center field bleachers or seen beyond the stadiums.  The settings are truly spectacular in nearly every stadium and when this is coupled with world class baseball, it makes for a wonderful day in the ball park.

3 reasons to attend an MLB game are:

  1. Get a first hand look at the skills of world class pitchers, hitters, and fielders.
  2. Observe the awesome and unique features of each stadium.
  3. Cheer on your team in a setting that is relaxing, yet engaging.


  1. Baseball provides the sports fan with many opportunities to see a great play.  Nearly every game you will see some spectacular athletic feat, whether the pitcher hurls the ball 100mph over the corner of the plate, a batter connects with a curving pitch to send it 400+ feet, or an outfielder covers a whole section of the outfield to get airborn and dive for a sailing hit.  The slower pace of a baseball game allows you to focus on each play and wait for these world class athletes to show their stuff.  It is easy to stand on your feet and cheer for a great play as double-plays, tough in-field plays, and great hits are common to each game.  So get excited about going to your next game and wait for the highlight plays come to you.
  2.  Each MLB baseball stadium has some feature that is not only unique to that park, but makes it a spectacular setting to view a sporting event.  Even parks found directly downtown in a concrete jungle display their lush green grass and natural elements to the fans inside.  No matter what ball park you go to, you can expect a setting that will make your day.
  3.  The atmosphere at a baseball game is relaxing but the fans are still engaged and ever-ready to jump on their feet to cheer for a nice hit or a quick double play.  You can chat throughout the game with any other ChucksDailyDose readers that are there with you and leave the park with your hearing in tact as it is a quieter, less rowdy setting than some other sporting events.  While fans are not hectic or crazy, they still love their team and are willing to cheer them on when appropriate.  In most parks, even the upper deck seats are still quite entertaining as you can follow the ball and the play easily.  If you have the cash to get up close, seeing the pitches curve is a pretty cool experience.  Regardless of your seating, go and enjoy a baseball in a comfortable but still exciting atmosphere.With 30 MLB teams and tremendous parks all across the United States (and Toronto, Canada), hopefully you will have the chance to go attend an MLB game.  For those lucky enough to live in a city with an MLB team, start checking out other parks and go root on your team at an away game.  Take a loot at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Major_League_Baseball_stadiums, save up some money for tickets, attend the game, and have a great time!
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