Drive a Manual Transmission Car

Driving your car can be made a little more awesome by choosing to drive one with a manual transmission.  This post is limited to those searching for a new car or could be kept in mind when you eventually get a new one.  The purpose of this post is to get you excited about driving and make it fun again by getting rid of that mindless automatic transmission and get you in control of your car with a manual transmission.

There are a few benefits to driving a car with a manual transmission rather than an automatic, outlined below:

  1. Sticker price on car is cheaper
  2. Greater control of the car
  3. A TON of fun


  1. Cheaper sticker price.  Manual transmissions will often saveyou $1000 or more initially because they are cheaper for the car-maker to manufacture.  Repair costs are cheaper for manual transmissions as they are simpler than automatics.  When treated properly, a manual transmission can even outlive the car showing their durability.  There is a word of caution as the savings are not like they used to be as automatic transmissions have become equally as fuel efficient.  Some say that you could face costs of replacing the clutch, but since all of this site’s visitors are champs behind the wheel, you do not need to worry about something as silly as that.
  2. Greater control of the car.  Automatic transmissions take away the control you can have over your car.  With a manual, you can control the engine power and torque by shifting basically anytime you want at any speed.  You can downshift to get more power when facing an incline and interact much more closely with the car.  So when Grandma Gertrude is driving at 17mph on the right, drop that sucker down into 2nd, punch the gas, and rip by her in style!
  3. Have more fun.  You are far more engaged when driving a manual transmission.  Remember when driving was a thrill?  When you first got your license and actually had fun behind the wheel?  Well you can get those days back by shifting manually and have an engaging experience behind the wheel.  Downshift in corners, listen to the engine come to life driving off from a stoplight, and become the controller of your car.  Even an old, powerless car comes to life when you can get the engine revving so bring out the inner kid in you and have a ton of fun behind the wheel by driving manually!

Comment below with your fun experiences driving manual or what manual transmission car you are considering getting next.  Enjoy the benefits of driving a manual and your time on the streets will be a lot more fun!

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