Play a Musical Instrument

Hey folks, this post will hopefully spark you to start playing a musical instrument.


It is a great hobby to pick up as anyone regardless of age, size, or physical ability can do it.  Whether you are looking for a new challenge, seeking to improve your mood, or simply envision yourself being able to jam like a rockstar, I suggest you start looking into playing a musical instrument.  There is a slew of benefits that go along with learning to play music and it could very well become one of those timeless activities you can engage in for the rest of your life. Benefits include:

  1. Increasing IQ
  2. Relieving stress
  3. Increasing creativity
  4. Improving mood
  5. Having a ton of fun in general

Further research shows additional benefits such as: improving students’ learning rate (Hong Kong University of China Study) and increasing the size of the brain’s cerebral cortex by 30% (MIT study).


Now that you are armed with the various benefits of playing an instrument, you have to just discover which one to play.  Start thinking about your favorite genre of music and watch some videos of live performances.  Check out the different instruments being used and you will be well on your way to getting that new instrument into your creative hands.

5 of the most common instruments being played today:


The piano is popular all over the world and used widely in classical and jazz genres.

Blues, country, jazz, or rock- the guitar does it all.

The violin- commonly used in classical, jazz, and rock and roll.

Jazz and classical all day for the saxophone.

Who isn’t interested in hammering away on the drums?

Whether new or used, online or at your local music store, there are tons of ways you can get a musical instrument- so get interested and get playing!  Feel free to post your comments below on what musical instrument you most want to start learning how to play.

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